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Back to School, Back to Tech: Apps to Start the Year Off Right

by Alissa DeVito, Associate Director of Educational Technology

Welcome back to another wonderful year at our Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools! We are so excited and ready to make this the best school year...ever!

One of the best things about a new school year is the opportunity to start fresh and anew. Every student has new goals and every family has renewed spirit. It must be something about all those new notebooks! Along with a backpack full of new supplies, it may be time to refresh your family technology - whether you're trying to help your child become more organized or just make it to the bus on time! Here are 5 free app suggestions to start the whole family on the right foot this year:

  • GFlash (web, iOS, Android) - Help your children study with this clever tool. GFlash helps you to make custom study flash cards on any device. Best of all, these flash cards can contain text, images, AND audio to help your child learn in their own way.
  • Khan Academy (web, iOS, Android) - Khan Academy provides free step-by-step tutorials on a wide array of math, science, and SAT prep topics. There are videos for all grade levels, too!
  • EasyBib (web, iOS, Android) - Works Cited pages and citations are not the most fun part of the paper writing process, but it is one of the most necessary! EasyBib can help with MLA and APA citations. Two specific great features: First, if your child is using Google Docs, there is an EasyBib add-on for Docs and an extension for the Chrome browser. Second, the EasyBib app can be used to scan the barcode of a book to create a citation!
  • Cozi Family Calendar (web, iOS, Android) - Does your family have an insanely busy schedule? This app helps you stay organized on the go. Color code everyone's events, keep your shopping list handy, check things off your to do list, and find a recipe for dinner all in this one app!
  • Life 360 (iOS, Android) - This app uses location services on a mobile device to track the location of your family members. You can set alerts to see when your child gets to school or home off the bus. This powerful app has a lot of safety features and customization, making it a great options for on-the-go families!

Now you're set for a happy, healthy, successful 2017-2018 school year!

AoP Tech Parent's Guide to Managing Screen Time at Home

Tech Director Corner

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year! I hope you enjoyed a relaxing summer

with your family! As a former principal, I love this time of year! Seeing our schools

return to life always brings a sense of excitement!

This year the technology department, AoP Tech, is looking forward to another

wonderful year working with the schools, teachers, administrators, students, and

you! Throughout the year we will continue to provide technology updates and

information to help you in your role as a parent!

This academic year marks our first goal in the Educational Technology plan that was

released in August 2016. The goal is simple; use Common Sense Media’s (CSM)

lessons to teach Digital Citizenship in our schools, K-12. The content is rich and laid

out in full scope and sequence by CSM. As our students continue to evolve with their

use of digital resources and devices, so do our roles in supporting their

development. While our teachers will use Common Sense Media as a resource in the

classroom, so can you at home! CSM has a wealth of information for parents and

families on TV shows and movies, apps and games, and advice on how to manage

technology at home:

We are certainly raising our kids in a different world from the one we grew up in!

Our parents did not face questions about access to technology in the same way we

are now in 2017. Take comfort that many of your peers are experiencing the same

situations and scenarios! Know that we are here as a resource to help support you in

your growing knowledge of technology and in support of your child’s engagement in

their education!

This is an exciting time in our schools because of how technology can increase our

students’ engagement in their learning! Our teachers are creating exciting new

lessons for our students due to the increased access! Support these activities and

your child’s growth as an individual in God’s likeness, both in-person and online.

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I wish you and your students well on the start of your school year!


Bill Brannick

AoP Tech Team

Bill Brannick, Director of Technology

Alissa DeVito, Associate Director of Educational Technology

Aaron Heintz, Technology Integration Coach

Annabel Dotzman, Technology Integration Coach