Caroline Norton

Campaigner for women's rights

Facts about Caroline Norton...

  • She was born in London in 1808 into a rich family.
  • Her dad died when she was 8
  • She got married to George Norton, But it was not a very happy marriage ( He viciously beat her)
  • She left her husband in 1836
  • She wrote a letter to Queen Victoria campaigning for woman support after divorce
  • She died on 15 June 1877
  • She wrote books about against child labour, Auto Biography and her life.

The Court...

When Caroline left her husband she was guilty of adultery, Her reputation was ruined.

Her husband took away her access to her three children.

What her rights she got for campaigning

Caroline's intense campaigning led to the passing of the Custody Of Infants Act in 1839, The Matrimonial Causes Act in 1857 and the Married Woman's Property Act in 1870.