Brochure for earth

come to earth and explore these things first.

Sahara desert

Its a hot dry place and the 3rd largest desert measuring 9,400,000 square millimeters

}Its hard to live in the Sahara so they raise camels,sheep,and goats.

}The weather makes it hard to live in so if I were you i wouldn't try and live there for 1 day or 2 unless you have tons of supplies to make sure you can live there.

}!!!!!!!!!!watch out for camouflaged predators and others that could be poisonous!!!!!!!!!!

}<<<<<<<Bring tons of water a hat and sandals>>>>>>>

Mount St. helen

Its 96 miles south of Seattle and 50 miles north east of Portland,Oregon

}Its really tall to climb up

}use ski stakes for better climbing

}Oxygen tank in case if you can't breathe at the top

}Keep coat on because its very cold