Is Global Warming caused by Humans?

The President thinks so how about you?

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is the outrageous heating of the earth's surface caused by the greenhouse affect . Which is when CO2 rises to the atmosphere and traps all of the heat in the earth. CO2 can get in the atmosphere by using fossil fuels such as oils, coal, and natural gas. Some people think the earth is naturally heating up. The sun is one factor, volcanic eruptions, wild fires, and simply solar influences. Alternatively People of the earth don't want to be the cause of the catastrophic events but in reality if we own up to our problem then we can help the way we are changing our planet. In the positive way.

Humans and our use of FossilFuels

  • 60% of our nations electricity is powered by coal.90% of energy we use come from fossil fuels.
  • Currently Humans are emitting 29 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere an 43% remains.
  • USA uses 17 million barrels of oil every day. Also take into proportion other countries.

Man Made Structures

  • We cut down trees for factories and space . Tree density in primary forests varies from 50,000 - 100,000 trees per km sq. so around 3 billion to 6 billion per year.If you do not know trees take in the CO2 and gives O2 to us.
  • Cars are experts on fossil fuels and gives 28 lb of CO2 per gallon consumed in the air everyday.
  • Factories, and manufacturers produce not only food but lots of CO2 approximately 41% of CO2.

Doesn't add up

  • Its not the sun. The sun has accounted for just a small portion of warming since 1750. In 1985 a study was said since 1985 the sun has changed in ways that iff anything should have cooled the planet.
  • The tilt of the earth and the rotation should not have warmed it up
  • There is simply no other mechanism in nature that could cause this rapid increase on the earth.
Study by : IPCC
Scary global warming propaganda video shown at the Copenhagen Climate Meeting - 7 Dec. 2009