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November 16, 2022

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What I'm Thankful For...

With the Thanksgiving holidays coming around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to be a part of our Daily community! I'm so thankful for all 825 students and their families, all my faculty and staff, and just for the opportunity to serve our school!

Thanksgiving Break - November 21 - 25

No Classes November 21 - 25. Please enjoy time off with your family and friends!

College Week Celebration

We have been dressing up to celebrate so many different events recently...why not dress up and celebrate our FUTURES! All HISD Schools will participate in the following themed days for the week November 14 -18 for College Week Celebration!

Thursday: Team Up for College (Dress up as twins with your friend(s) in your college or team shirt)

Friday: Hats Off to College (Wear your favorite hat or cap)


We have the Thanksgiving Break next week reserved for vacations - please do not take off early the next two days! If you are healthy on Thursday and Friday, please be sure to COME TO SCHOOL! Our attendance rate has fallen abysmally to 93.6%!

Early Arrival

We have several families who are dropping off their students outside school before supervision begins. Please DO NOT drop off your students at Daily BEFORE 7:15 am. If your child walks to school, please time their departure from home so that they do not arrive to school before 7:15 am. We do not have staff available to supervise students until 7:15 am.

It is NOT safe to drop off your students before supervision begins. You can remain in your car with your child in our carpool lane until the carpool lane begins at 7:05 am.

PTO Fundraiser in Full Swing!

The PTO Fall Fundraiser is in full swing! Students have already started bringing in their links! Ms. Aziz's 2nd grade class is in 1st place from the online donations as of this morning!

For this fundraiser, we will be trying to build the biggest paper chain the school has ever seen where each link will be sponsored for $2. Kids can decorate them in any way they like! Individual prizes will be awarded along with class prizes for participation and top sponsorships! If each student gets 10 links sponsored, we can make a chain that goes around the school and make over $10,000!

Packets went home students this past Monday, November 14. Paper chain links and money can be turned in at the PTO store on Wednesdays and Fridays. Online sponsorships are also be available. 20 links were sent home with each student and more will be made available for decoration upon request.

Money from this fundraiser will go to putting more money into the classrooms and installing shade and additional seating at the Spark Park!

Thanksgiving Lunch in the Cafeteria

HISD Nutrition Services will cook up a special Thanksgiving lunch for our students TOMORROW, November 17! If you would like to join your child for a Thanksgiving lunch during his/her class' lunch time, please register on the link below. The special lunch is FREE for students, but adults need to pay $5.00 for a tray of delicious food to "GOBBLE" down...just in time to give your stomach a preview of the upcoming holiday!

All guests MUST BE VIPS-APPROVED. Please see the article at the bottom of this newsletter with includes the link to the Volunteer in Public Schools website. REGISTRATION CLOSES TONIGHT AT 9:00 pm.


HISD to offer free COVID-19 testing for students and campus staff

Our goal in HISD is to foster a caring, joyful, and challenging learning experience for every student, every day. That’s why your school will provide free COVID-19 testing to all students, faculty, and staff in partnership with the Houston Health Department.

Testing is completely voluntary and requires parent/guardian consent first. Free testing puts our student’s health first, it allows us to maximize learning in school and promotes equity by ensuring every student has access to testing if they want it and if you, as their parent/guardian, provide consent.

  • Who will be tested? We will offer testing to everyone who consents - all students and staff - even if they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19.

  • How is the testing done? The COVID-19 testing is free, quick, and easy. Trained medical professionals will conduct testing with a short, shallow nasal swab.

  • Where and when is the testing done? Our school’s testing site will be in a room or area large enough to accommodate an organized flow to testers in and out of the space. Testing will take place every two weeks. Test results will be available within 24-48 hours.

  • How can I be sure that my student’s information will be protected? Sharing of information about your student will only be done for public health purposes and in accordance with applicable law and policies protecting student privacy and the security of your student’s data.

We are asking you to:

We are extremely grateful to our families and staff who continue to show great flexibility and resilience as we work together to contain the spread of this virus.

COVID-19 Testing will be available for students and staff members at Daily Elementary on November 28 and December 12.

Handbook Highlights


Make a plan for rainy or “bad” days. Be sure that your child is familiar with your plan and is able to follow it. Please do not call the school office with instructions and messages. This should be handled in advance. Please notify the teacher by letter in folder or email in the morning of any changes in dismissal plans.

If it is necessary to close school for the day because of weather conditions, this information will be carried by all local radio stations. Please do not telephone the school, the Police Department, or local stations as this ties up needed communication lines.

Occasionally it is necessary to dismiss school during the school day. Please have a plan for your child to follow in such a case. HISD buses will run in these instances and information is carried on all local radio and television stations. Please do not plan to call the school with last minute instructions; this will be impossible with the number of students we have enrolled. If school is closed during the day, parents should come as quickly as possible to pick up their students.

If Houston has severe weather conditions, watch the TV or listen to the radio; HISD will inform the media when schools are closed.

The principal does not have the authority to cancel or close school. HISD’s superintendent has the authority to cancel or close schools. Please listen to the news for any decisions made by the superintendent.

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Parents Make the Difference!

Every month, we will include the link to a newsletter, specifically written for parents with elementary school-aged children, with information about how to help your children have a successful school year. Please click on the pictures below to access the newsletters.

Gifted and Talented Testing - 1st through 4th Grades

If you are interested in having your 1st – 4th Grade student tested for the Gifted and Talented Program, please fill out the GT Application below and turn it in to your child’s teacher or email it directly to the GT Coordinator, Mrs. Steward at arodri30@houstonisd.org

LOVE Tutoring

Love Tutoring, a non-profit in partnership with Ashford United Methodist Church, is offering FREE tutoring on Saturdays (see below) to elementary aged students in West Houston to improve in reading and math. They do require masks to be worn. They are located at 2201 S. Dairy Ashford Rd. Please see the flyer below for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine White at 281-726-1852 or email her at tutor@ashfordumc.org.

Gifted and Talented Information Sessions

The Gifted and Talented department will hold three Family Information Sessions in the upcoming weeks via Microsoft Teams. Please click on the flyer below for more information.

Volunteers in Public Schools - VIPS

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer at school. All volunteers must complete a background check in order to volunteer. Please click on the link below to register for VIPS and volunteer at any of our school events.


Daily Elementary Carpool Morning/Afternoon/Walkers

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Parent Handbook

Please click on the Parent Handbook below to know all the A to Z's about being a Daily Parent!