10-25-13 (Vol. 10)

School then...

School NOW at Solana Highlands!!!

High Tides

  • Student Success Day - To all of our grade level teams for providing such great instruction for our students. It's great to see that all students are getting what they need!
  1. To Jeanne, Marcy, Jillian, and Paula - for all of the great intervention work taking place with students
  2. To our Amazing Learning Center - Lindsay, Emily, Marla, Amir, Jenelle, Linda for providing great support for not just students with IEPs but for all students
  3. Kindergarten - For having all of your student data on confluence in preparation for Student Success Day
  4. Hollis - For facilitating our Reading Together Program for so many of our 2nd and 4th grade students; what a great intervention
  5. Kathy - for getting all of the substitutes and making the day run smoothly
  • Paul - For saving the day multiple times during last Friday's Movie Night when the power went out
  • Susanna - For organizing Kids' News Day to benefit Rady Children's Hospital, organizing Student Council, and providing guidance to our students.
  • Joe - For being such a sage when it comes to SSTs, IEPs, and having difficult conversations with parents. We couldn't do it without you!
  • Weekly Communications - So many of you have such fantastic Weekly Communications with parents! Thank you for helping our parents be informed. Katy Anderson has added a Common Corner with great information about Common Core Changes.
  • Climate Team - Debbie B., Christine, Ellen, Lauren K., Shaina, Jessica, and Kristie - for taking initiative, and looking for ways to foster a great environment.


  • Book Fair begins next week
  • Aide Meeting on Wednesday @ 9:30
  • Halloween Parade on Thursday @ 8:35
  • Friday Assembly - Wear Red, White, and Blue for Veterans Day

Who Am I?

  • I love to run
  • My Great-Great Uncle was Vice President to Abraham Lincoln - Hanibal Hamlin
  • I finished the Triple Crown in 2013
  • I was born with red hair
  • My Great-Grandmother was a professional whistler

Answer: Jenelle Guy

Have a Great Weekend, Great Conference Week, and a Happy Halloween!