Do investing the right way

By: Brooklyn Keegan

Why should we invest?

Everyone wants to invest but only few people know how to do it right. If investing is done right it can be one of the best things you will do in your lifetime. Imagine getting your pay check would you rather hold that money in your hand or invest it and end up with more money than what you started from? There are millions of ways to invest its just up to you on what you decide to do.

Tips on how to invest

  1. keep it simple- don't invest in to much to fast.
  2. Invest with what you know- its always best to have information on what you are investing in.
  3. Clarify your goals- set goals and expectations and follow through with them.
  4. Set long- term ,short- term goals.

Ways to invest!

Stocks - Stocks are a great way to invest your money and get extra money in return , while there is some risk in the stock market the return is great .

Real Estate - Another great way to invest is in real estate , weather that be buying homes and renting them out or buying homes to flip and sell real estate is a great investment . On the downside real estate is pretty risky but the return is great

Why save?

Saving money is hard for many Americans to do but with little to no work at all it will help you out when you least expect it. Saving money can be used for many things it might even help you when your just feeling down and need to do something for yourself. Remember those who save are happier in the long run.

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5 Painless ways to save

  1. Reduce spending without big changes in your lifestyle
  2. Rethink auto insurance-find the safest and cheapest insurance available
  3. Work on improving your credit score
  4. Invest in whats popular and cheap
  5. Go prepaid with your cell phone cut cell phone cost in half