.Above The Influence.

I'm free to be me, when I'm drug free.

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Drugs can be scary..

  • About 45% of car crashes are alcohol-related accidents!
  • Drugs can be painful in many ways.
  • some drugs are illegal!Do you really want to pay a lot of money for something stupid?


  • Over 9000 people die a YEAR due to Hallucinogens.
  • Can be eaten, snorted, injected or smoked.
  • Can cause auditory/visual breakdowns.



Its been told the government gave an artist LSD to see how it would effect their artwork.

  • If you've been having it for to long, and you no longer have a grip to reality, fatal accidents occur.
  • The company tries to make it sound cute and sweet by calling them "yellow sunshine, and blue heaven."
  • LSD; a hallucinogen that dramatically alters your thoughts and your perception of reality.37.It was discovered in 1938 in a fungus.LSD has a high potential for abuse.


  • Steroids can give you muscles? You can put it that way. In reality, it can break the muscles in you.
  • You could get muscles. But if your a male, you can get breasts! Do you want to walk around with breasts while most of your friends actually worked out for their muscles?
  • If your female, you can get facial hair! You can stop your menstrual cycle!
  • It wont be fun having characteristics of the opposite-sex will it?


  • A.K.A Magic Shrooms. Because once you have it, you start to think you can do stuff, such as flying.
  • People think they're safe to consume but since nature produces a number of plants that are instantly poisonous and can cause injury or death!
  • Mushrooms work by disrupting how your nerve cells interact throughout the brain and spinal cord.


  • Heroin can enter you brain very quickly, which makes it more addictive.
  • Every time you have Heroin you need to get high.
  • It is a fast high, but it's one that can be instantly fatal. Also, the high risk of addiction should make you stop and think before ever giving it a try. One time could lead to a lifetime of chasing a high that can ruin your body and your life.