Stephen Hawkings

By, Darrell Berg.

Stephen Hawkings.

We know him as one of the worlds smartest people. He has given many theories to many things and also revolutionized physics when given simply two short years to live in his earlier twenties. He is now at the age of seventy one years old. Even has "hawking Radiation" named after him due to the discovery of it in black holes. He has Accomplished many things with ALS also like being able to have children with his wife Jane.

Living with ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig

ALS is a disease that will either kill the nerves very slowly or very fast. Hawking was one of the lucky people who was able to live through this deadly disease with being only given 2 years to live. ALS they thing he has is going at a much slower rate than they expected. When he was twenty three he was diagnosed with ALS, he before had he could tell he did not have well coordination, movement, and wasn't well at sports. After being told he has ALS he went into a depression which he came out of and started the life we all know as the genius Stephen Hawking. His wife, Jane, were happily married and were able to have children because; the first few years he was still able to walk and eat but needed help getting out of bed etc. But lateer on in his life he lost control of his legs and arms, then after a surgery he had undergone, his voice.

Why it doesn't go over lectures.

It would literally blow our minds in an oblivion. It would be pointless to put that much on here also. Let us just say he revolutions physics, talks about God(s), and black holes, along with many other things.