Message From Lydia

As chanelled by Jean Mandeville

How well are you taking care of yourself?

Hello dear ones,
Spirit guides often observe certain things this time of year of your high holidays. What was meant to be a religious holiday has turned into a cultural event. Within your daily lives there is now an additional heap of responsibilities to show that you are indeed participants and that you do care for each other. Some of you send beautiful greeting cards. Did this activity seem like a joyful expression or a chore?
Some of you bring a beautiful tree inside and make it a lovely part of expression. There may be a bounty of gifts underneath. The lights may cheer you up in this the darkest time of the year.
Beneath all of your expressions what are your motivations for doing so? Is it the "reason for the season"? Whatever your reasons are, I ask you to be mindful if you are feeling obligated to do your holiday activities. If you are, then perhaps you can examine your thought processess and come from a lighter more joyful place so that none of your participating is "taxing" to you.
Your attitude effects your body, mind and spirit. Take the moments you need to center yourself. Bringing your mind to a place of balance and peace will have everything around you in order sooner.
Take a few moments to ask yourself how well you are taking care of yourself. What small steps can you make to take better care of your body, mind and spirit?

Hello Everyone, I wish you a wonderful and joyous holiday season! This time of year I am busy doing readings and schedule less road trips. Hopefully the snow will hold off a bit longer. If you are interested in having a reading or would like for me to check your auric field to see if something needs clearing feel free to respond to this newsletter. I also use the SRT Therapy to clear any interferences in soul programs that you may have. Once this energy is cleared it may assist you in "getting out of a rut" with an issue you have had. Your energy will be clearer to resolve issues.

Schedule of appearances:
January 7,2016 Meditation to meet loved ones at Evergreen Health Center, E.Prov.RI 6-7
January, 2016 First Angelic Church, 222 Warren Ave., E Providence, R.I. TBA
February 7,2016 First Spiritual of Willimantic, CT 10:30