Canada 2060

What Will Canada Look Like In 2060?

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What will Canada look like in 2060? How will life be like? Will population and immigration rates and statistics change? During this time, you will be learning about how Canada will look in 2060. You will learn about the difference in terms of birth rate and death rate, immigrating history and how the first nations will be affected, and what challenges may Canada face as a country. Also I will take the opportunity of briefly outlining Canada's current immigration, demography, and the first nations situation in Canada.

Immigration trends: Canada accepts 250,000 people per year

Annually Canada accepts 250,000 people per year. This amount of people started in the year 1991 and is usually stable in the sense that it does not really drastically change. Most immigrants to Canada are from India, China and the Philippines. I believe this is because all those places are very populated, and because of that either they don't like the over population, or its to populated to get jobs.
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Immigration trends: Reasons and types of people that come to Canada

There are many reasons people want to come to Canada. Most people thinks its all about education purposes and job opportunities. That is very true, but it can go deeper. Canada accepts refugees, skilled workers and business immigrants (economic immigrants) family immigrants and other type of immigrants.

- 160,617 economic immigrants

-64,901 family class immigrants

-23,056 refugees

-8,936 other immigrants

Immigration trends: Bigger cities, more population

In Canada, the bigger cities we have, the more that city generally gets populated. Most people now a days want a bigger place to live and live in a place where it has less population density. Also the bigger the cities the more space there is to start businesses and others to open businesses. So living there can make much more money especially because more people, more clients. Also it gives a variety of places to shop and go places. And since these cities are very big, more money is invested in things such as conditioning in the place, and also stuff like amusement parks. This is also why people love to come to Canada for the bigger cities.

Key predictions to Immigration trends

In my opinion, I believe Canada immigration trends will be different in 2060. The reason being the worlds population will be increasing. This means all the people that were born in different countries will be coming to Canada. We now have 250,000 people a year coming, but then with more people living on earth, the more people will come to Canada. Also, with Canada having more people this means we are going to need more workers to work to maintain the economy. We also will be needing to get more people because since the population is aging, we need people to start working because the elders will be retiring.
Quebec Skilled Worker Points Calculation : Immigration to Canada

Population trends: Canada's population

Canada's population at the moment is 35,871,000. This population consists of many cultures and races. Also, as i said before, many classes of people like skilled workers, business immigrants, refugees, and others including the people that were already born in Canada. Canada's population is 97% immigrants, and the others are people that were born in Canada, or illegal immigrants. Why do all these people come to Canada? Well because of the reason as i said before, the 4 classes of people, and because of Canadas very strong economy that continues proceding forward.

Population trends: Birth and death rates

Canada's birth rate is 10.29 births/1,000 population, and the death rate is 8.31 deaths/1,000 population. Also, the population growth rate is 0.76%. As you can see, the birth rates are higher than the death rates. This is mostly because over the years, Canada's health care is much better and continuing to get better. This means many people that are sick, they can and will be treated with health care to make the population contiuing to grow. But one problem Canada may have later in the years, is that with the population growing bigger, Canada will eventually start allowing less people to come to Canada. This is probably because Canada does not want the country to be over populated, and may cause the economy to go down, supplying for much more people.

Population trends: Age and Gender

As you can see, the population in the pyramid shows that currently younger people in Canada are the majority of the population. Also, if you look at the graph it shows going up on the pyramid, the population per age group is slightly going down. I think this is because women are having a lot of children right now due to the reason they can take advantage of that because of such a low population in Canada, making children not as expensive to raise. Thus having a lot of children at this time is not so bad. Also, if you glance at the chart, it looks like both genders are generally the same. But really, there are more guys. This is because although Canada wants girls so that they can reproduce and increase population, Canada needs guys for harder labour work and generally most jobs and sports need males.

Key prediction to population trends

I predict Canada's population in 2060 will increase. The reasons being is that population in Canada will be growing older so they need new immigrants to uphold Canada's strong economy. Also, with the population growing in the world, more people will be coming to Canada. Also, in 2060 the birth rate and death rate i believe will change for the reason that with more people in Canada, children will be more expensive to take care of, so birth rate will be changing. Therefore Canada will be relying on immigrants to grow and sustain the economy. The population pyramid (as you can see) in 2060 will also change for the reason of birth rate and death rate. As you can see now age is mostly growing around 50 (mid-age) as opposed to now where younger children's age group has the most people in todays society.

Metis, Inuits and First nations: Population

Aboriginals have a population of 1.2 million people and growing rapidly. 1996-2006 (10 years) grew by 45% , and from from 2006-2011 ( 5 years) the population grew by 25% . 50% of aboriginals are under the age of 24. They are located in urban, rural, and remote locations across Canada they're usually located on lands called reserves. The reasons why Aboriginals have such a fast growing population, is from the birth rate. The birth rate is very high because Aboriginals want to keep their culture alive and continuing by having a higher population. Although at the moment there are big debates on Aboriginals having a different lifestyle that other Canadians have, their population still increases Canada's population.

Metis, Inuits and First nations: Equality

First nations have mostly been treated very bad over the years. They have been totured, raped and have been robbed of their culture. Until a law came out saying they are alloweed to practice their culture, and also are not to be raped. The reason for them being raped was to continue doing it so eventually all of their Aboriginal culture would be gone over the years of reproducing. Also, in schools there were big problems with teachers only teaching and telling them to forget about their culture, and brain washing them to believe in being catholic. The schools would not let them speak their native language, and also their schools would get less funds than other schools. This was not fair and had to be stopped. Their are still riots and problems going on, but hopefully since the Olympics in Vancover, things will begin to change. As i said before, since these natives are not being treated with equality, and riots happening, this could lead to war. This will kill many people, and Canada's population will decrease. The reason being people will die, and no one will want to live in a place where there is danger, in this case war.

Metis, Inuits and First nations: Birth and death rate

As i said before, Aboriginals Birth rate is very high. The reason for this, again, is that they want their culture to move on to other generations and keep going, so they need to reproduce and get a higer population. The death rates are low and stable because Canada's health care is very good, and also there are now laws protecting the First nations to not be tortured and raped.

Key prediction: Metis, Inuits and First nations

I strongly believe that the population will increase in 2060. The reason being, as i said before, Aboriginals want their culture to keep going through generations. This means the population will continue to grow if the Aboriginals continue to keep reproducing. Also, with all these laws protecting the Aboriginals, not a lot will die, and if they do, its probably from something like old age, or something not solved yet. Although their is still little riots between the people who do not believe in the First nations and their special needs, i still believe they will work it out, not needing to go through a war.


In conclusion, i believe 2060 will look very different in the terms of population, and population density. The Aboriginals will have a key part in that, and also with more people in the world, more people will be coming to enjoy Canada. I have proved my evidence with many facts that are all very true, and although their may be un-expected things happening in the future, it probably may look like what i've taught you.