Caring - Anti - Racist - Experts

Our slogan is......United We Stand


Our mission statement

Our mission is to unite all ethnic groups through sports. We will accomplish this by bringing together all races through our sports clinics throughout the world.

History and Background

1. Our company headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada

2. The sports and racism issue over the last few years

3. This occurs because sports teams are becoming more multiracial

4. Lots of people believe that some people of different ethnicities should or should not be allowed to play.

5. Also, in the case of black people, people say things like "oh he's got hops", or "you can dunk right?".

6. This is a major problem because this leads to violence, murder, suicide, or other major problems.

7. These racist people tend to be the fans of the sporting teams.

8. The US is majorly impacted by racism, since their are many different ethnicities in it.

9. Many racist comments are targeted towards, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

10. Stereotyping is related with racism too.

11. Many people like Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. are two examples of people that fought against racism.

12. When people of popularity like them stand up for others, it causes others to pitch in or help others

13. As a company, we try to be like these people

14. Our goal is to be world wide as a company that fights against racism.

15. A popular racist act was Hitler and the Jews during World War 2

The Solution

Our solution is that we offer a therapeutic system where we help you work around racism whether it's sports or not. During this process, we plan out a path that will make you successful in life while you avoid racism. This new and innovative way has you create a plan and together we take steps to achieve it.


Our Demographics ages 16 and up who are suffering from racism

Our Psychographics are someone who is committed to sports but is suffering from racism

Awareness for this issue

We are going to put are commercials on sport channels so the more sporty people are able to see what our company does. Plus, are target is sports people dealing with racism.


1. Prevea - there are athletic trainers there too and they deal with sports

2. Bellin - there are athletic trainers there and they also deal with sports

Our group was Alec N, Matt H, Kendall C, and Savannah H