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Week Ending Sept. 25, 2015

Student Led Conferences

The first set of parent conferences is just around the corner. One of my favorite ways to conduct these as a teacher was doing student-led conferences. It took a while for me to figure out the best system and to do some troubleshooting, but once I had it down, it was so awesome! I am a big proponent of student voice, and I think that turning these conferences over to students is a great way to give them some ownership over their own progress and goal setting. They loved planning and conducting these and the parents really enjoyed them as well! I have seen these run successfully by students from 5th to Kinder, it just takes a bit of tweaking for younger kiddos but they can do it too!

For this week's S'More, I wanted to share my resources with you in case you haven't ever tried them before. This might just be the year to step out of the box and take that risk!

Here is the link to a reflection I posted on my blog a couple of years ago on how I did these. Included are some of my handouts as well as a breakdown of each stage--- from preparation to the actual conference to what we did after it was over. Let me know if you if you decide to do these, or if you already do them. I'd love to hear about it! If you would like more info or have any questions please stop by or shoot me an email. Enjoy and Happy Conferencing!

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Student Led Parent Teacher Conference

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Tech Corner

Here is a cool website where you can create and print your very own tickets. Got a cool lesson coming up? Yes, your awesome lessons ARE ticket-worthy events, aren't they?! Check it out here!

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