My Oregon Trail Experience

Dirk Baker's Journey

Entry #1

On April 25th, 1824, our wagon train departed Fort Independence, Missouri. On our wagon was Joseph Tanner, a recently orphaned boy, my two daughters, and my wife, Veronika. We all felt optimistic at first. We were excited for the new life ahead of us. Even though Joe was still grieving for his parents, he was excited, too,

The first trial of our journey was the first river crossing. We had the choice to either ford the river or pay an Indian 25$ to use his ferry. Our covered wagon decided to ford the river, and we forded with no damages. Later in the day, I went hunting. I caught 15 pounds of turkey! Today wasn't that bad, but there were still many trials to come. I can't wait to get to Oregon!

Enrty #2

The second day started with no delays or problems, until a man broke his leg in a wagon accident. Shortly after we began to move that morning, we met an Indian chief. He said he would reward us greatly, if we passed a test. We passed his trials, and he gave us 5 ammo boxes! What luck we have!

Later that day, I heard some wagon trains had problems with water. Most of our wagon train had enough water, only 1 wagon didn't bring enough. Soon after, we my wagon and the majority of our train forded another river safely, instead of paying an Indian 50$. After we crossed the river, a few in our wagon train decided to hunt. I must have caught 50 pounds of buffalo! Everyday gets tougher than the last, but we are still hanging in there. Supposedly some people in other wagon trains have died, but we have not yet suffered any casualties.

Entry #3

Today was the roughest day yet. Quickly after dawn, we decided we had to dump some supplies in order to continue. Some of the wagons grumbled, but eventually did as instructed. Little Joe Tanner died this morning of cholera, may he rest in peace. I went hunting also, but only caught 5 pounds of gopher.

My wife, Veronika, drowned today fording the river. It is only me and my girls. We had a funeral at the side of the river, but we had to move on eventually. Shortly after, a wild band of Indians attacked! not many people were hurt, but i was shot in the arm with an arrow. I was unable to use my arm for the rest of the day.

I am not sure how we will go on with such devastating losses. My daughter and I mourn for little Joe and Veronika every day. The Oregon Trail has been cruel. I don't know how much longer i can take this.

Entry #4

We may reach Oregon today, if luck is on our side. So much has happened already, but I cannot describe it.

Our wagons decided to try and move quickly through the canyon to make it to Oregon, even with such heavy snowfall. Some wagon trains decided to turn around back to Paradise. Some decided to send scouts ahead to see if the canyon was open. We were so far behind, we did not have time to send scouts. God bless us all.

We are trapped in the canyon. Snow has blocked our two exits. There is no way out. There is only death. I have not told my daughters, but I predict we will die within the day of starvation. It is cold. We will die. I am waiting to join little Joe and Veronika on the other side. My name is Dirk Baker and this is my Oregon Trail story. May my daughter and I rest in peace.