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Rachelle Eggertson

Rachelle Eggertson is a fabulous stylist who earned 1.5 jumpstarts in the old program and 3 in the new program. She sold just under $10K in her first 2 months! Rachelle signed her first stylist while AT HOOPLA still and has sponsored another 4 in October. Rachelle is a Stylist to watch as she is trying to hit SENIOR then STAR by year end!


LAUNCH DATE: April 2012

The other side of me - I am a pirate's daughter!

What inspires me - I have always been inspired by the power of women throughout history. The amazing women in my own family continue my love affair with the power of women, my resilient immigrant grandmothers, my amazingly hardworking mother and my determined yet kind-hearted daughter.

Why I love Stella & Dot:
Jewelry and parties-what's not to love! Plus, it's all about the girls!

Favourite blue card buy- My Kate Spade briefcase with my first month’s pay cheque! Selling Stella in style!