Hi I'm Quartz

The story of my journey

The begining

I started my journey off as blistering molten quartz deep inside the lithosphere. After millions of years of grueling, hard, back breaking work pushing the North American Plate I finally found a way to leave. There it was, a sub-duction zone this made me believe I could get out. All I needed to do was find a volcanic vent but even that could take years to erupt. I wondered what I could make of myself in the world. Us quartz though had a good life we could form into gems used in jewelry. After years of stressful waiting I was shot into the air. I had shot over the first hurdle. We were all gooey lava.

A new life

I began to cool quickly. I was and extrusive igneous rock. Most of us quartz live as igneous rocks and never change from our chemical compound of SiO2. It was a boring life. I needed to be something, I needed to be something neat. Maybe I could be used in a computer chip traveling the world in a famous person's laptop. Even though I had huge aspirations my friends and I just got covered up by years of soil and other random things like trash. All of the sudden I was drilled. It must have been tough because we have a hardness rating of 7 and we don't have a cleavage but a conchoidal fracture. It was so dark I hadn't seen myself for years. Once I got out it was obvious. I was a beautiful rock with the color of brown speckled granite that could be used in a counter-top. After awhile I was throw out and replaced by granite. My life is up to the rock cycle to fulfil my dreams.

Ahhh erosion...

I started to erode. Now, I didn't know this could happen due to my above average hardness but i began to erode very slowly from wind, water, and even acid rain from air pollution. Once I was eroded it was hard to keep track of myself. I was everywhere from the bottom of the ocean to the Malibu beach being walked on by stars. I was now officially sand. I have the same compound but most people don't know that. The only difference between my new self and I is that we are used in different things. I was used in one of the most common uses for sand...... Sandcastles. It was great I just got to be in huge castles and other sculptures. My life is finally complete and to end. I've made my goal to be used in something famous. Now I'm on the most famous beach with famous people.