Spotswood College Newsletter

February 2020

‘Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, They show you how it is done.’

Proudly introducing our school Prefects 2020

Back row left to right: Michael Gibbon, Sam Skinner, Luke Robertson, Vaughn Te Huki, Toby Penno and Jemma Tanner.

Front row left to right: Heavenlee Edwards, Kobi Hislop, Sophie Hill, Emily Law, Yulan Imhalsy, Ido Doron, Kohana Clothier and Katie Bell.

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Principal Notes:

A warm welcome to our new students, families and staff 2020!

The first week back was purposefully designed to reconnect students and staff as we familiarised ourselves with the routines and expectations of schooling life.

The whole school took part in amazing races, mini Spotty Idols and water waves to 2020.

At Spotswood College a partnership with our families is a key part of operations. Emails and texts are sent out on a regular basis keeping our community informed about upcoming events and these are also updated on our Facebook page and website. Newsletters are published every 3 weeks and Learning Advisors will make contact home around key events. Attendance and programmes of learning can be accessed through the Parent Kamar Portal. On that note we invite you to bring a picnic along to our Parent / Teacher Picnic to connect with us and learn more about how we work together to connect, strengthen and inspire each other to build a better tomorrow.


A warm welcome to new staff members Jackey Molloy, Kieran Oakes, Jana Roberton, Rebecca McKerchar, Sarah-Lee Pheloung, Liam Ward, Airana Ngarewa, David Giles and Karen Taylor.

(Absent: Jahmarl Weir)


Whaea Nicola

Deputy Principal

Mr Daryn Shaw

Deputy Principal

Mr Chris Lapworth

Senior Leadership

Mrs Paula Cast

Senior Leadership

Mrs Hilary Takarangi

Senior Leadership

Mr Darren Scott

Year 13 Dean

Ms Tracey Laurence/Mr Gavin Parr

Year 12 Dean

Ms Julia Stephens

Year 11 Dean

Mr Wayne Cribb

Year 10 Dean

Mr Carlin Kumeroa

Year 9 Dean

Mr Darren Scott

International Director

Mrs Nicola Healy

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On Sunday February 3rd 2020 Spotswood College turned 60 years old. All four living Principals came together on this day to reminisce and discuss the Spotswood College Alumni’s 60th Jubilee Celebrations Easter weekend 2020.

Registrations can be done online at

From left to right: Mark Bowden, Barry Finch, Nicola Ngarewa and Graeme McFadyen.

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Pump Track Opening

Students, staff and community members were invited to the official All Wheels Pump Track opening. This track was initiated, designed, funding sought and promoted by students as part of an inquiry project.

A huge thank you to the sponsors Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, Te Waka Manaaki, NZTA, ACC, the students who designed the track and NPDC’s awesome Let’s Go Team, Sue Gunn and Nathaniel Benefield!

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A warm welcome to our new International Students for January 2020

From top left to bottom: Eljane Waelli from Switzerland, Matilde Bohl from Germany, Mia Baier from Germany, Eva Leuchten from Germany, Gabriela Cruz De Sales from Brasil, Mr. Shinjiro Maruyama from Japan, Mr. Tamura Shuji from Japan, Mr. Endo Sota from Japan, and Kotoha Araki from Japan

The start of 2020 sees us here in the Spotswood College International Department welcoming our first new International Students for the year! We have had a week of orientation, making new friends, attending new classes and settling into the homes of our wonderful host families. Coming up, is a collective fish and chip evening with International Students from other schools and also Surfing Lessons with Daisy Day at Surf City Surf School.

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Trip of a Lifetime

Spanish language students and staff have been travelling around Spain for just under three weeks as part of an amazing opportunity to nurture and strengthen their language and cultural skill set. Students were treated to iconic sites, National sports games and paella in every way imaginable.


Congratulations to Josh Houghton who came away from the North Island trials championship, with 1st placing in the junior section.

Congratulations to the first ever Spotswood College Canoe Polo team - first game and first win this week!

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A huge congratulations to Rylee Houghton and Juraj Krajci who won gold at the National Secondary School Beach Volleyball competitions and Shaeden Wetere and Jayden Leece who also battled it out to win bronze.

The STARS Spotswood Academic and Recreational Programme 2020 has kicked off with students taking part in an intense training regime.

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Reminder school finishes at 2.10pm every Wednesday .



20th Swimming Carnival

25th PPTA PUM Union Meeting - School Early Closure

Fossil Fuel Free Day - Friday 20th March 2020


On 20th March walk, bike, scooter to school. If you need to be dropped off make it 500 m from school and walk the rest of the way.


Spotswood College Community (Board of Trustees, Principal, Staff and Students) sincerely wish to convey their heartfelt gratitude for the generosity and support offered by the organisations set out below. This support enables the College to enrich and enhance the lives of our staff and students and contributes to our goal of creating life-long learners

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