MADE Online Course & Cohort 7

Macomb Academy for Digital Educators (Formerly Macomb 2020)

Producing Digitally Ready Educators for Online and Blended Learning

Join us on the first leg of our Journey to Blended Learning! The Online Course!

The MADE series of ONLINE COURSES were developed as part of MISD's Macomb 2020 Blended Learning Academy two year program. Each was developed to provide training on the pedagogy and implementation of blended learning in the classroom with an opportunity to practice blended learning implementation. This is the first step in joining the 2-year Cohort, but is open to the public.

Start your journey to blended learning! Register for the online course, where you will work through 7 online units (courses) designed to be taken in order.

Unit 1: Basics of Blending
Unit 2: Get Ready to Blend

Unit 3: Beginning your Blend
Unit 4: The New Age Digital Citizenship
Unit 5: Assessment

Unit 6: Communication and Collaboration
Unit 7: Lesson Design for Digital Educators

You do not need to join the two-year cohort to participate in these online classes but if you plan to join Cohort 7, this is a requirement. Enrolling in the online course units leads you to being eligible to participate in Cohort 7 and the face-to-face sessions in the Fall of 2020.

To register, go to and click on the Courses tab to see a list of course offerings

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What Can I Expect?

The course is designed to prepare you to become an effective blended or online learning educator. Each online unit will be monitored by a team of professional educators who are experts in online learning. Target completion dates for the units are prior to the end of August. Enrollment and completion make you will be eligible to join Cohort 7 and the Face-to-Face sessions!

Each unit takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete, but as you are working you will design procedures and activities for your blended or online classroom. You will receive feedback and encouragement as you work through the units. Open labs, office, hours, and a network of consultants and instructor support are in place to handle your questions. SCECHs are available.

For More Information

*Visit the MADE website for information about Cohort 7

*Join the Online Course

*Join the Face-to-Face sessions and Cohort 7

*Explore the options in our Q & A session about MADE

*Check out Capstone Night for testimonials, examples, and success stories

After Registration

One of the instructors will contact you personally to give you login information to the Schoology course and provide you with information you will need to move through the units and complete the coursework. If you have any questions, please contact Deb Potter at

Deborah Potter ‎[]‎

Participants who plan to complete the Online Course are invited to join Cohort 7 and can register their intentions to join the Face-to-Face sessions.