Read a little - or a LOT!

September 3-16

This Rotation in Library Land-

During the first ten days of school, we saw all 700+ students ... many more than once...or more than twice! All in all, this makes for a crazy amount of books in and out of our doors at over 4000 books and counting! All classes, of course, spoke about typical library skills to remind them how to find and/or treat a book. We also started the new mural showing what we like to read... check it out on the iPad wall of the library. If you'd like to add your favorite book, swing on by and make a book spine!

Right off the bat, 3rd is diving in with a week long research blitz... we're dipping our toes into all the researching tools and trying to get a handle on which one they should choose for specific purposes.

Noteable Books

Do you know ZINIO?

If you don't, you really SHOULD!

Zinio is offered by our public library and it's access to 100s of free downloadable full-version magazines... I'm talking everything from Martha Stewart Weddings to Rolling Stone, from Food Network Magazine to Women's Health. You can get them on a computer or device.

Seriously, go now and check this out... stop paying for them... and if you just need to pay someone, you spell my name K R I S T A B R I T T O N. :))

I will tell you, it's tricky when setting up for the first time... keep in mind, you check out the magazines through the PWCPL portal... not through the Zinio portal. Once you check them out to your account... then you can go through Zinio and log in - and there will be your magazines. For example, I checked out 10 magazines through PWCPL and then I went to my new Zinio app on my iPad and logged it in and poof... there they were!

Google 'PWC Zinio' for more info.
There are complete directions on this page, too!

Your friendly librarian, Krista

Don't forget to share great titles of books with me! I'm always glad to order what you like!

To the left is what I'm reading right now...Ungifted by Gordon Kormon

Have you read anything good lately?