Team Awesome

5th Grade Weekly

Reaching the End of Semester One!

Parents, we are closing in on the end of the semester. Holiday break is right around the corner! Please read all the information below to know what is coming up this week and to look for important information we have for you.

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

This week in reading, students will be working on reading comprehension and using context clues to determine unknown words.

In writing, students will complete their essay on "The Time Machine". Students will also supplement revisions with Write Source grammar activities.

In social studies, students will continue learning about the Branches of Government.


This week in math, we will be reviewing concepts that we will need to start our fraction unit: factors and multiples of a number, along with equivalent fractions.
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This week in science, students will be correcting their latest unit test. We will be conducting an experiment with borax. We will also review content from past units.

Friday, we will conduct STEM investigations prior to our holiday party.
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Upcoming Events and Reminders!

Parents! Our holiday party is coming up this Friday, December 18th.

We are still looking for donations for the following items to have students work on Collaborative Learning STEM activities on our last day of the semester.

Donation List:
Saran Wrap (Plastic Wrap)
Styrofoam cups (White 8oz)
Gumdrop candies
Toilet Paper

If you would like more information, please reach out to Mrs. Craft.

Also, the last day for students to get in work for the semester is Friday, December 18th. If your child has any makeup work, please ensure they get this turned in! Thanks for all you do at home!

Friday, December 18th is a half-day for the students. Students will be released at 12:45. This is also the last day of the semester. School will resume at 7:25 on January 4th. Happy Holidays!
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