From the Counselor's Corner

March News from Mrs. Thornton

P.A.R.C.C. is HERE!

It is GAME TIME! The assessment that has been talked about (and even grumbled about) is here and we are READY at Central! Our 5th Grade students and staff will be kicking us off this week. The week of March 16th will be when our 6th grade takes the assessment and then our 4th graders will start the finish of the last "leg" of the testing on March 25th.

This past week in my Developmental Counseling classes with students, we focused on test anxiety. It was a great opportunity to give students open forum to share their feelings and realize they are not alone! There are a roller coaster of emotions that are triggered by many different events in life and standardized testing is certainly one of them. We spoke about P.A.R.C.C. and it's purpose with the focus being on how the State is wanting to see the growth of the students and teachers. They are wanting to see how prepared students are for career and college readiness. Please watch the following video that I shared with students and staff. I think it really puts perspective where it should be and hopefully relieves anxiety. This test does NOT define our students or our staff. It is important and it is a must in order to move towards are future dreams and accomplish our goals (Much like my certification test for teaching and also counseling); however, the results (no matter how high or low) are NOT a definition of how bright, innovative, creative, etc. that our students are. Our students and staff are AMAZING at Central!

This Test Does Not Define You


Students are able to bring their own headphones this year! What a great way to make the assessment more comfortable for them!

5th Grade- Week of March 9th

6th Grade- Week of March 16th

4th Grade- Starting March 25th

If students do not have their own, they may use the school headphones!

Motivation Crew

I am very proud of a group of Central S.L.T. members that have been working with a group of teachers on P.A.R.C.C. Motivation. Through their collaboration, they have a lot of cool things planned to keep students and staff feeling confident, relaxed and supported throughout the P.A.R.C.C. assessment. For example: A student can bring a snack each day to help them refuel after the test. Talk to your student about how their grade level is setting up the snack lay out. The committee suggestion was bringing an item that starts with a letter of P.A.R.C.C. For example: Day 1 would be a snack that starts with the letter P. Day 2 would be a snack that starts with the letter A, etc.

Check out the picture below! Some students and staff put chalk to the sidewalk on Friday to help pump up our school attitude and cheer on our 5th Graders! It's not easy going first, but I have no doubt their Leadership will pave the way to greatness!

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