Willie Brown Elementary News

August 15, 2018

Principal's Message

We have had an excellent start to the school year! This first week the teachers have focused on building relationships (student to teacher and students to students) with their class. They will begin getting into academics next week. I am a super proud principal and am excited for this school year!

Parent Orientation Meetings

We will be providing grade level Parent Orientation Meetings in order to review grade level specific information with our parents. Please try to attend!

1st Grade - Monday, August 20th 6:00-6:30 in 1st grade classrooms

2nd Grade - Monday, August 20th 6:30-7:00 in 2nd grade classrooms

3rd Grade - Tuesday, August 21st 6:00-6:30 in 3rd grade classrooms

4th Grade - Tuesday, August 21st 6:30-7:00 in 4th grade classrooms


MISD now has a police officer at every campus! We are so blessed to have Officer Smith serve with us. He is here to help provide safety and security to our students, staff, and visitors to the campus. Please help us welcome him to the WBE family!


Anyone entering the building or picking up a student must show a picture ID. Those entering the building will be provided a visitor's sticker to wear while here. When leaving, you should go back to the office to give your visitor's sticker back to the staff.


Mansfield ISD is very appreciative of the parents, community members, and business companions who volunteer at our schools. Volunteering in schools is a great way to become involved in the education process.

Because the safety of our students and staff is our top priority, those wanting to become MISD volunteers must go through the following security measures before serving in the district:

  1. Volunteers must provide a driver’s license or another form of identification containing the person’s photograph issued by an entity of the U.S. government to verify identity.
  2. Volunteers must pass a criminal background check. The online form is available here. MISD uses a reputable third-party company to obtain criminal background checks. The form asks for a social security number to conduct the background check. Please note that credit scores and credit reports are not obtained during the background check process. The information given will only be used to determine criminal history. MISD cannot require parties who are not employed with the district to provide social security information. If an applicant opts out, the background check process may take longer in order to cross-check information.

The background check must be renewed each school year. Any completed prior to July 1, 2018 are now expired.

NEW Dismissal Procedures!

***NEW, NEW, NEW****

Safety of our students is a priority for all of us. We needed to update our procedures in order to provide the safest environment possible. Please read the 2018-2019 Arrival & Dismissal Procedures.

Highlights are:

1. Any person picking up a student at the end of the day MUST have the school provided pick-up sign to display. Anyone who does not have this sign will have to go to the office to check out your student.

2. The pick-up car line is now DOUBLE LANE!

We fully expect there to be questions and patience needed from all as we implement these new procedures.

Bus Rider Policies

Bus riders will receive a bus tag from their classroom teacher on the first day of school. ALL students are required to wear their bus tag the first few weeks of school.

MISD requires that all PreK, Kinder, and 1st grade students wear an official MISD Bus Tag when riding the bus. Please help us to ensure that your student has their tag daily.


We love to acknowledge our students and join in celebrating their birthdays at school. We do have some guidelines to follow, however.

1. If your child wishes to provide some kind of treat for their class on their birthday, we highly encourage something non-edible.

2. We can distribute edible treats to students at the end of the day in individually wrapped containers that go home with the students...not to be consumed at school. The parent providing the edible treat is responsible for individually wrapping.

3. Party invitations can only be distributed at school if inviting the entire class or one gender of the class. Partial class invites will not be distributed at school.

Birthday students are invited to share their birthday with the entire school during morning announcements.

MISD Student Dress Code Revisions

This spring, MISD formed a committee of teachers, administrators, and students to revise the student dress code. The attached dress code has been revised and will be included in the 2018-2019 Student Handbook. I'm hoping this is helpful information for parents to have when back to school shopping! MISD Student Dress Code 2018-19

Eagles Read! Summer Reading Program

WBE will celebrate reading with our annual Summer Reading Program. This is a great opportunity to encourage your student to continue their growth in and love for reading. The Reading Program is available to all WBE student entering Kindergarten through 4th grade next school year (2018-19). Check it out! Eagles Read! Summer Reading Program

Completed reading logs are due on or before August 30th. Be sure that your child's name and teacher's name are recorded on the form.