Yeti, The Abominable Snowman

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All About The Yeti.

A Yeti is like a man/animal. A Yeti is not harmful unless it is protecting its home.

It's mostly covered with fur. The Yeti has been around for a long time. The has grayish or reddish brown fur. Some people think that the yeti lives in the moutains in Asia ,Russia, China and Nepal.The Yeti weighs 200 pounds to 400 pounds. The yeti is thought to eat goats maybe other small animals and roots. The yeti can get up to 8 ft. Some people that live in the villages say that the yeti is a demon because he lives high in the mountions. Some think that the yeti live in packs.The yeti is very interesting but thay can be dangerous too.

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Facts About The Yeti

Some people that were hiking in the Himalayas say they saw two reddish brown dots that were about a mile away. Thay believed that thay were yetis. Two men were out hunting in china and they thought that they saw a yeti. Thay said that it had no hair and it walked on all 4 legs. It turned out to be a different anima. It had a disease that it looses all its hair. One scientist ''found'' or made a nest to be the yetis, But later other scientist found tool marks on the tree branches. So now more and more people are not believing in the yeti. Different people think different things.
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This is a image of a yeti. Its probely protecting its home. Like I said in the paragraph before a yeti is harmless.