Adams Vs. Jefferson

Election of 1800

Essay Portion


Now since it is that time of year again (Voting) why don't we have a friendly talk about our candidates for president. We have John Adams, a wealthy, greedy, angry corporate sellout of a person, and Tomas Jefferson, a kind easy-going person (much akin to Santa Clause or a Fluffy Bunny).

Body 1

First let us take a gander at the poor beast that is Adams and (What is left of) his good reputation. Last time you voted for him he turned into a tyrant much like the king and queen rolled up into one. As president he made it harder to become a citizen of the U.S. and made it so that no one could stand up and oppose his rule without going to prison. So why vote for him again?

Body 2

Now if we look at Jefferson he is a calm farmer/landowner that wants the power to be in our hands and the hands of the country itself. Jefferson wants us to have the power and to have loosely based constitutional laws so that we can change them per event to make sure that there are no loopholes.


Now that you have seen both of them who do you think you will vote for the tyrant or the puppy dog that is Thomas Jefferson? It is your choice but I know who I am voting for because when you compare their ideas they seem to favor different people Jefferson favoring the average man and Adams favoring the wealthy and educated.
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