BoardNotes: April 2021

Highlights from the Caroline Board of Education Meeting

Caroline County Board of Education meetings are livestreamed and may also be viewed after the meeting has concluded. For information about the Board of Education, including agendas and meeting schedules, please visit the Leadership page of our website.



The Board approved personnel items as presented by Debbie Siachos, Supervisor of Human Resources Debbie Siachos.


Carson Scholars

The following students were recognized by the Board for being named Carson Scholars for 2021:

  • Lucy Howard, 5th grade, Ridgely Elementary School
  • Maura Porter, 5th grade, Greensboro Elementary School
  • Christian Lahneman, 7th grade, Lockerman Middle School
  • Mia Amador, 11th grade, North Caroline High School

News Release

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Administrative Appointment

In preparation for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, the following administrative appointment is necessary to ensure systemic change within the administration:

  • Robert Jason Wielgosz: Supervisor of Technology, effective July 1, 2021

Assistant Superintendent Milton Nagel explained that Mr. Wielgosz will assume this position upon the retirement of the current Supervisor of Technology Wayne Wiley. He added that technology has been an ever evolving, rapidly growing department, never more so than this past year, and Mr. Wielgosz was well educated, well trained, and well invested in the school system.

Mr. Wielgosz thanked Mr. Nagel and the Board, stating, "It will be difficult following in Wayne's footsteps. As we turn the page on Covid, I look forward to meeting new challenges with the technology team."

Moving Services for Greensboro Elementary School (GES)

The Board accepted the bids as shown on the bid tabulation sheet and awarded a contract to Bates Moving & Storage Co., Inc., in the amount of $74,920.00. This contract covers moving the contents of the current Greensboro Elementary School to the new Greensboro Elementary School. The bid process and procedures complied with Board policy and applicable state laws and regulations.


Board Member Reports

Mr. Newcomb shared that the highlight of his month was simply getting back to attending events, seeing students on the sports fields, and the CRHS National Art Society Induction.

Ms. DiGiacomo said that it was nice to see great talent on display at the CRHS Arts Society event. She visited schools, participated in a Leo Club event, and thanked students who wrote letters to the Board regarding the importance of music in their lives.

Ms. Wayman attended the NCHS concert and a Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) session.

Mr. Barton attended an NCHS JV Volleyball game.

Superintendent's Report

Dr. Simmons shared that he visited several schools on the opening day of four-day a week in-person learning. He stated that even with masks and social distancing, it felt normal, and was excited that it was not an A day or B day but simply a school day.

Dr. Simmons reported that attendance was anticipated at 70% for elementary schools, 60% for middle schools, and 50% for high schools; however, he would follow up on the actual data when it is available.

Assistant Superintendent & Directors Report

Highlights from all areas of the school system were shared in the Instruction & Administration Snapshot.

Student Representative Reports

Student representatives Zachary O'Brian from North Caroline High School and Gillian Cheezum from Colonel Richardson High School virtually provided reports on activities from schools in their respective ends of the county.

Finance Report

Erin Thornton, Comptroller, presented the Finance Report as of March 31, 2021.


Legislative Update

Dr. Simmons reported that there appeared to be no last minute bills impacting education as the Legislative Session was coming to a close. He shared that Gov. Hogan announced he would not veto the Kirwin 2.0 legislation. Dr. Simmons said that some course corrections had been made since the original legislation with timelines adjusted and student count formulas revised. He added that it is not perfect but definitely better in terms of giving school systems "breathing room" in the coming school year.

Mr. Newcomb shared that he had participated in the MABE Legislative Committee meeting, and that local funding as it pertains to Kirwin is still a challenge and there continue to be much unknown.

Wellness Policy Update

Supervisor of Health Services Jennifer Yost provided the Board with an update on the Wellness Policy. Board members discussed how schools implement group activities for staff, partnerships with outside agencies like the YMCA, and how policies impact Food Services practices.

Teacher Retention and Communication

Supervisor of Human Resources Debbie Siachos provided the Board with a presentation on Teacher Retention & Exit Data. Ms. Siachos and the Board discussed data, and trends that indicate areas of concern and opportunities.


Due to the meeting being closed to the public, citizens were invited to submit public comment via email at

One comment was submitted and read into the record:

  • Trish Kotyk expressed her thanks to the Board regarding changes to the NCHS graduation ceremony.

Citizens providing Public Comment should note that these procedures are to be followed during this time:

  • In lieu of signing in, citizens are advised to email their remarks to
  • There is a 5 minute time limit for each email.
  • Specific and personal references to students, employees or others associated with the Board of Education will not be permitted. Should someone wish to bring something to the attention of the Superintendent or the Board about a specific person or student, they may do so in writing to the Superintendent or the Board.
  • Rude, slanderous, or threatening remarks are not permitted.
  • The Board of Education does not engage in a discussion of the matter being brought to it during public comment. If appropriate, the Board may direct the superintendent to provide a response following the meeting.


List of Future Discussions

President Newcomb reviewed the list of items for future Board discussions.

FY 2022 Operating Budget

Upcoming Meetings & Events

  • April 19 @ 6pm: NCHS Rhythm of the Ridge Elites Induction (Virtual)
  • April 20 @ 6pm: Board of Education Work Session
  • April 21 @ 6:30pm: Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting
  • April 28 @ 6pm: (SECAC) Promoting Social Skills and Pragmatic Language in Children
  • May 4: Regular Monthly Board Meeting (Closed session @ 5pm and Open session @ 6pm)
  • May 18 @ 6pm: Board of Education Work Session
  • June 8: Regular Monthly Board Meeting (Closed session @ 5pm and Open session @ 6pm)
  • June 11: Last Day of School

Next Board Meeting: June 8 - Regular Monthly Board Meeting (Closed session @ 5pm and Open session @ 6pm)