What She Left Behind

Ellen Maire Wiseman


This is a story of a girl, Clara, in the 1920's who is sent to an insane asylum and another girl, Izzy, in the early 2000's. It tells both sides of the story for both of these two but switching each one every other chapter. It also depicts how they are kind of connected in a way.

I've chose two songs for each girl and the struggles they endure and they good times they have. I also make it go every other one, just like the book.

Song One: "Charleston" by Cecil Mack and James P. Johnson


This song has importance to the beginning of the story with Clara. It was the roaring 20's and she would always go dancing. She would always have to sneak away from her strict parents grip to go out. Her dress was hidden in the back of her closet, so her parents wouldn't ever find it. This is where she met Bruno, her lover, one night out on the dance floor. They danced all the time from then on and that was how she fell in love with him.

Song Two: "4.48 Psychosis" by Tindersticks


I chose this song for the other main character because in the beginning it is explaining that her mother was a crazy. Izzy's mother had shot and killed her husband with a shot gun when he was in bed. They declared her crazy and she was in a psych ward for a while but ended up getting moved to a prison.

Song Three: "Break" by Three Days Grace


This song has significant importance to the story because it is kind of like the feelings that Clara would have when she is locked away in the Rookie Pest House, which is the violent and bad patients. She needs to keep being strong to get through it but she knows it will be tough. She keeps just thinking of good things to keep her going until they can determine that she is okay to go back to the regular ward.

Song Four: "Happy Birthday" by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill


I know this is kind of a corny and short song but the ending it means a lot. Izzy has finally turned eighteen, but she doesn't remember because of the big week she has already had due to what had happened with the connection with Clara. She realizes when she gets home and her foster parents have made her the cake she loves most, along with a really great surprise. It really is a great ending to an amazing book.

By: Kiley Hoffman