Tim Berners-Lee


He was born on 8 june 1955 too his parents 'Conway Berners-Lee And Mary Lee Woods'


He was born in london in england, After graduation he worked at the telecommunications company Plessey in Poole

When did he invent the internet?

When I researched it, the results showed that it first came out August 6,1991.

How did it happen?

Hewanted to find something that could help him store the over flow of his work.

What has he done since?

Featured in one of the biggest events of the year, the olympics.

In 2009 he was announced to be part of the governmount too make data more accessible on the web and other sources.

What has the impact been?

More connections between countries, and further updates towards the system.

What does he work on now?

He was recently working on the olympics, and hye was a part of that, also he was elected for foreign associate of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Is he on twitter?

Yes he is, he has the amazing amount of 102,304 followers, and is only following 125, which shows how world wide known he is.

What was his message at the olympics?

Tim Berners-Lee olympic message was 'This Is For Everyone'
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