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The Climate in Hanoi is beautiful, you just need to come at the right time. For 6 months there are sunny blue skies, and for the other 6 months the rainfall rolls in for the most part with the temperature being around a steady 83 degrees during the 6 rainy months and a cool 62 degrees during the sunny 6 months. Here in Hanoi there is not a whole lot of pollution so the air with be fresh and clean. If you don't believe us then get yourself a ticket and fly your way down to Hanoi Vietnam.


Normally here in Hanoi we farm using dikes due to the odd rainfall pattern, but we farm very well. Our main crops are rice and sugar cane, but we also farm some wheat, beans and other crops. However during the period of 1990 to 1998 certain pesticides were banned and rivers and canals were tested for contamination. The highest area of contaminated water was in the irrigation canals, but the advancements in technology have helped us reduce to harmful sides of the pesticides and most of them benefit our agriculture. But don't be fooled there will always be a bad side to pesticides.

Come and Enjoy the Beautiful Cities and Learn about Our History Here in Hanoi


The wildlife in the Hanoi area is quite interesting. A rare species discovered in 1992 is a type of Antelope that roams the land with not interference by humans. The would be the Saola, one of the more interesting animals here in the Hanoi area. This animal is very protected due to it being a very uncommon sight.

Other unique animals include:

The Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey

The Marbled Gecko

The Chapa Bug-eyed Frog

Redback Paradise Fish

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