Inside scoop with Emily Bronte

by Desiree Irizarry

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Wuthering Heights was written in 1847, which was a time when Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution were the dominant forces of the British economy and society. It was a time of rapid change that led to violence. As a result of the changing economy, the traditional relationships between classes and the social structure began to change.

Why did you choose to write about racism and how people react to them in this time period ?

I chose to write about racism because even in the old days people were racist. People believed in marrying your own skin color. It was " wrong " to marry any man or female of a different race. I wrote about it to show how people take that belief to the extreme but how no matter what race you are love is love no matter what people say about it.

why did you use higher and lower class in your novel ?

I used these two classes because in my society you couldn't be with someone who was rich and you were poor. That's what people believed but just wasn't true, as Catherine experiences. Women go after men with money and values. Even in today's society woman tend to be attached to men who have money and goals because they can provide for them. They just want the money. When on the other hand the lower class doesn't really satisfy what women or even men want. The lower class has no value in life like the higher class because there not " on top "

Do you think Catherine fits the bad girl, good role in Wuthering Height's ?

I do believe she fits that role because in society a good girl, is independent works hard very calm beautiful woman who's reward is prince charming. The bad girl is usually a woman characterised as a witch who deserves nothing because she's so evil and cruel. Catherine is very opposite. Catherine is not typically a role model or even lady like. She just wants all the attention. Like when she was sick in her room, she just wanted her husband checking up on her taking care of her 24/7.

Do you think woman shoyld really be with a man over how high their class is?

No because money shouldn't matter. Love is love, if your only with that person for money isn't not love. we love men for who they are and what they do. We all want a weathly man but that's just a fantasy, it never really happens. Sometimes woman leave a lower class man for a higher class because they want a richer man they don't need one.

Who do yoy think woman cant do certain things like men ?

Woman back then had no freedoms like we do now. We were told what to do, what to wear, who to see, who to date, how we should live. Nobody wants to live like that. O wrote this book during the time we, woman, were trying to gain the right to vote. Were characterized as ladies who cook and clean and take care of the kids and our husbands. Were not aloud to work or have our own houses or land just for the fact were woman. Its not fair at all.