Come to The Marvelous Switzerland

Rudraksh Joe Dasgupta Per:6 Setemeyer Grade 6

Come to Marvelous Country Switzerland

Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate. What is there not to like about Switzerland? Eat foods that you have never eaten like Rippli and Pasteli Want fun and action? All year round, you can enjoy and watch soccer (locally known as football) and ice-hockey among many other international and local sports. Afraid to get cabin fever stuck in your hotel room? That won't be a problem because you can come down to the Albula Railway Museum full of attractions guaranteed to fulfill you curiosities. Want to ride the real thing? The Albula Railway goes all the way from Thusis on the Hinterrhein to the spa resort of St. Moritz in Engadine all the way across the country. We promise you'll enjoy your visit so much, that you'll even want to come back to see National Day on August 1st, the oldest national holiday known to history, starting from the year 1291!

Things to Know About Switzerland

The Swiss mostly speak german. So if you were eating at a good restaurant, in german you would say En Guete! Switzerland has a limited government meaning the government is limited by the constitution. The currency that Switzerland uses is Swiss frac and the exchange rate for a Swiss Franc is $0.888 (2011 est.)

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