Mrs. Davis' 6th Grade


What is going on in class?

The first embedded assessment has been completed! We are now working on expository writing. This past week we read a short excerpt from a book written by Mark Twain. We annotated this passage, answered high level questions, and wrote an expository paragraph.

Next week we will continue with discussing expository writing and will write the second embedded assessment very soon.


8th period has finished Hatchet and completed their Socratic Seminar last week. 1st period now has the books and will be participating in the Socratic Seminar Wednesday October 21st.

Each unit of study we will be reading a "supplemental" novel to accompany the topic being studied. This first unit is entitled "Changes in Me". We will be reading and studying about personal changes that occur and how they affect our lives.

Students will be reading to examine changes in a protagonist's life and how it affected/changed them. Because I do not have enough copies for all of my GT students each class period will be reading Hatchet at a different time. 8th period students will be the first class to read the novel. They will be assigned a book today in class and will be responsible for reading it outside of class.

Once the book is read we will conduct a Socratic Seminar in class. This discussion given students an opportunity to answer high level interpretive questions about the novel in relation to our unit of study. Please see netschool for more information, including rubics, on Socratic Seminars.


I have received a few emails inquiring about their child's grade in class. Something that I have noticed here recently is that students are not completing homework. If we start an assignment or task in class and they have not finished it by the end of class, it is HOMEWORK. Many of them think that I will give them time in class to finish everything, which is not the case. I will always tell them if they need to complete something for homework, but it is their responsibility to make sure it gets done.

As always, if they need help I have tutorials in the morning and during lunch.

Also if they are absent, they MUST attend tutorials to get what ever they missed that day. Most, if not all, of what we do is centered around discussions, therefore it is not on netschool. They must come in for tutorials.

Upcoming Due Dates

Expository paragraph over Mark Twain passage - 10/13

1st period ONLY: Hatchet - 10/21

Unit 5 Vocabulary - 10/23

Unit 6 Vocabulary - 11/6