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IRAN is a country in the middle-east that was discovered in 1502. Since the fall of IRAN in 1979 the US has been in many disputes with them. In the same year of 1979, the US embassy had been raided and taken over by the IRANIAN people. The reason why this had happened was due to the US government electing Iran's in stable leader. The US put sanctions on IRAN to stop them from using nuclear weapons and to toughen the export of petroleum products. Then in 2015 the US lifted some of those sanctions for IRAN to use nuclear energy.

Here's what's happening in IRAN

What was the Embargoes & Dictatorship about in Iran?

Iran has been in many disputes recently involving Dictatorship & Embargoes being lifted. The dictator of Iran currently is Hassan Rouhani whom has been an ambassador of freedom in the Muslim nation. The leader before Hassan was at many disputes and "fights" with the USA and decided the best way to harm the US was to harm its people. That's when the USA put embargoes and sanctions on the Muslim nation.

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