We are unbound, unbreakable, and we are LHS.

Thoughts behind this theme

Imagine how many people, let alone students who are put into a box. People make unrealistic expectations of students that we try and fit into the perfect mold. What if we break out of that mold and show our true colors, and be free?


  • Free
  • Loosen
  • Unravel
  • Unwrap
  • Unlock
  • Release
  • Liberate
  • "Off the Cuff"


  • For the cover, broken or shattered glass. Maybe layered plastic that looks shattered. Then have unbound in white letters.
  • End pages. Color contrast. Black and white.
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Spread Ideas

People Division

  • "Out of the Norm"- different things no one knows we normally do at LHS
  • "Unhinged"- In a quote story, what make you frustrated on a day to day basis.


  • "Slip of the Wrist"- Bowling spread
  • "Release the Stress" -finding out the struggles of being an athlete

As far as the color scheme if it wasn't meant to be sophisticated I'd really like to do fiery colors. Things about breaking out of the box. Explosions. Abstract art. Neon, glow in the dark pictures
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