Southlawn Elementary

Who Are We? What Do We Value?

Mission Statement

  • With the support of our Southlawn families and community we will empower every student to own his/her/their learning and feelings to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to be successful humans for college, career and beyond.

Vision Statement

  • At Southlawn we will cultivate a school environment that creates a sense of BELONGING and EXCELLENCE for ALL.
  • Students will work hard, have fun, obtain academic excellence, and learn the power of EMPATHY as they aspire to be the best humans they can be.





Striving to Do Your Best/Be Your Best~Growth Mindset~Brilliance~Greatness


Compassion~Care~Curiosity~Kindness~Perspective~Walking in Someone's Shoes

"I Understand vs. I'm Sorry"

How to Keep in Touch

For more information, please check out our website We can also be reached by calling Nancy at 303 655 2924 or by email (