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Week of December 7, 2015


Please do not sign up on the 996-media center calendar for computers or for a lesson. I color code everything to make sure that lessons and computers are not double-booked, so when things are not color coded correctly, I am more likely to make a mistake. EMAIL ME FIRST, and if the time is available, I will send you a calendar invite. This is a change from the beginning of the year but has been mentioned in an email and in previous Smores. Thanks!
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Polar Express the movie


Friday, December 18th

Show Time

After the sing-a-long at 10:00 am


I will be reading the book Polar Express at 12:45 pm and broadcasting on Closed Circuit. You'll just need to turn your TV on. :)

Up for Grabs

The pictures, baskets, and statues that were previously on display in the library are up for grabs. They are located in the media center office and are first come, first served. Please keep in mind that all pictures, baskets, and statues were purchased with school funds, so these things should be used to decorate your classroom and not your house.

*The plastic bins holding the materials are NOT up for grabs. Those belong to me. :)

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