First Date.

Here's to our very own version of 50 first dates.

Finally, when a Daal Chavaal musters enough courage to ask a Dum Biriyani on a date.

The Dating Games

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 8:30pm

Craveyard Cafe, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai, TN

A fun filled, semi-romantic evening with a fake boyfriend. Look forward to a dinner full of laughter followed by a photo session for the purpose of scandalizing all social media.


  • Picking up the Date.
  • Delivering the promised flower.
  • Taking the date to the restaurant.
  • Not forgetting to open the door and provide assistance while sitting down.
  • Spending quality time over dinner.
  • Pretending to pay for the bill.
  • Taking pictures with date for scandalizing purposes.
  • Taking the date home.
  • Kissing the date Goodnight.