Middle School Tech Tips

March 2016 - Google Maps Tools

Google Maps

There are so many great tools out there that allow you to bring the outside world into your classroom. Some great options for your classroom are highlighted below. This is not just for social studies teachers! Read below to see how all teachers can online map tools as teaching tools.
Google Maps & Street View - maps.google.com - Google maps has a number of views including street view, earth, terrain, topography, and more. It also connects directly to images and street views. View the tutorial below to learn more about how to use maps and street view. Math teachers - Google Maps allows students to measure distances, create polygons to calculate perimeter and area, and more! Science teachers - explore land forms that are created at various plate boundaries. Social Studies teachers - the possibilities are endless!
Google Maps and Street View
Google My Maps - You can create your own maps with locations marked. You can include text, images, and video at those locations that highlight important information for students. Use these maps as a teaching tool or have students create their own. My Maps is linked to your Google account. Maps can be shared and built collaboratively, just like other Google Docs. Maps are saved under My Maps and also in your Google Drive. Post a map you create to your Google Classroom to allow students access to use for assignments or to study with. Assign students to create a map to demonstrate understanding of your content. To get to My Maps, follow the picture steps below.

See this Science example: https://goo.gl/M8Xgs5

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Google Tour Builder - tourbuilder.withgoogle.com. Build a tour to take your students on a trip around the land you are studying. Each location you create on the map is a checkpoint. Use the tools on the left to provide students with images, videos, or links to other content. Drag the little yellow peg man onto a location on the map to view it in street view. Tour Builder can be used in multiple subject areas. 6th grade Social Studies Teachers - you could create tours for each part of the world you study!

Explore the gallery in TourBuilder to get ideas for how you can use this awesome tool.

Annette Clark, M. Ed

Digital Learning Coach

Authorized Google for Education Trainer