Temp. Forests That Are Deciduous

Get ready for some bars, they're continious

Temperate Deciduous Forest

Is the name. Don't try to steal these bars, don't take my fame. I'm gonna tell you all this biome. Haters are reading this? Oh well, I guess I'll fry 'em. First let me tell you about the title. Man this is starting to feel like a recital. Anyway Temperate means that the temperature is mild. Deciduous means that leaves change, man that fact is wild. Im pretty sure you know what a forest is. An area of trees and shrubbery is pretty crisp

Why you should come here

Most of the animals are harmless, so don't fear. If you leave them alone, they wont come near. The next thing I will tell is important so make sure you can hear. Temperature is not extreme, not hot nor cold. If you're packing up, put down all those jackets you were gonna fold. This should tell you a deciduous forest is pretty chill and casual, so come over because now you know the conditions are sustainable.

More Vitals Facts

The following information is also important so turn your listening to the max. The locations of this intriguing landscape is in East America, East Asia, and Europe in the Northeast. Coming to these locations will grant you peace. Some essentials to survive is the following. Casual clothes, food. and water to hydrate and help your swallowing. Water here is plentiful. A bottle and a water filter is needed, I think a filter is rentable. A compass and a backpack should already come to mind, a backpack to hold your things with ease and a compass to get the direction that you cant find. That's all all you need, simple as that. Oh, and in case it gets hot, bring a hat.
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In a deciduous forest, you won't be lonely. Creatures that we're familiar with live here to make it feel homey. Black bears, owls, rabbits, and deer. Fish, squirrels, I think I've made myself clear. Don't forget about the plants. White oak, maple, birch, and shrubbery will scratch you so bring your pants. All the animals above except fish can camo. Shots fired to fish, that's ammo. This is to help them survive. They can also hibernate in the winter to revive.

Come on lil' Bobby

I think I've said enough. Your soon-to-be had trip here will not be intense or rough. What are you waiting for? Just do it! This is obviously from Shia LaBouf. I'll go grab the keys to my Ferrari. Let's stop talking and begin the safari.