Racial profiling

kfc made a commercial based on stereotypes of black people


I have found a commercial which had really shocked me because these days, I have been seeing a lot of stereotypical jokes going around in media saying that black people love chicken and KFC, I don't know who had made up that joke first of all and I had noticed that black people are getting really mad about this. I think KFC are trying to target an audience of black people so they can think KFC is really good for anyone ESPECIALLY black people. In this commercial their technique was using a black girl with a bunch of Asian people, the girl was the only black person at the place and had no friends, after they showed an Asian girl giving her shoes to her because she had ripped shoes. Than after the Asian girl took the black girl to KFC, and bought her chicken. The strategy that they are using is not working because i think it will offend black people and maybe other people too. If i would make an ad about KFC i would only show the goodness by showing a family or kids eating KFC sandwich's or an item I am trying to sell. I wouldn't use any stereotype in it.