Fun Sites & Apps


Test your geography knowledge with this Google Maps based trivia game.

Google Translate App

This app uses your camera to hover over written text or signs for instant translation of more than 26 languages. Also speak and have it translated. Great for traveling in other countries but it is also a wonderful tool for our ELL kiddos!!
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Photo Math App

Hover over a math problem to see the answer and click for the steps to solving it. Very cool! Where was this when I was in school?
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Sock Puppets App

If you have an iPad as a station in your classroom, this is a good app. Students choose backgrounds, props, and create a puppet show. This can be used for classroom rules at the beginning of the year, book introductions, presentations, etc. They can also be uploaded to a class YouTube channel to share with peers/parents and to save space on the iPad.
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Informal Assessment and Collaborative Tools

Virtual Sticky Notes

Brainstorm ideas, upload text, images, videos. Use for exit tickets. In Lino, you can upload your own background such as a blank anchor chart or graphic organizer, which students can help fill in.

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Minute To Win It

Minute To Win It games - here is a link to several Minute To Win It games. Some that require very little setup are "Face the Cookie", "A Bit Dicey", "Breakfast Scramble", and "Back Flip". Those are a few good ones to get you started. Enjoy!
Minute To Win It Dramatic Timer (Version 1 #04)