Conspiracy 365 Book 1

By: Gabrielle Lord

Cal is a young 14 year old who is walking home and this man comes running up to him and telling hime to hide for 365 days, his family is in danger. Cal's dad died a few months ago on a trip to a different country, he was a special man. He is scared of what is going to happen, he is on look out. The nurse calls him and tells him his father drew drawing for him and that they will come in the mail. They came the next day. his uncle snatches them away and hides them at his house. Cal breaks in his uncles house to find the drawings. He couldn't find them, but in the last place he look, he found them. He also found a gun. He was wondering why he had a gun in his desk drawer. He sees his uncle come in the driveway and sprints home unseen. When he is walking home, he is kidnapped, they scream at him to shut up. He doesn't know where he is going. All he hears is the kidnappers talking about his fathers drawings.