The Rabbit, the Swan,and the Fox

By: Tyler T. Specht

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There once was a rabbit that spent most of his time running around playing with friends. His best friend was a swan. They talked and played all day long. One day someone moved next door to the rabbit. He was a fox. Since the rabbit was friends with everyone in the neighborhood, he surely could become friends with this new neighbor. Rabbit went over to the swan and asked him, "Have you met the fox yet?"

"No; and I am not planning on it.", the swan replied nervously. "Why not? I bet he would like some friends." Said Rabbit. Swan replied back, "Yes, I'm sure he would like friends but..." The rabbit was off to meet the fox. The swan said, "he has a evil grin." The rabbit ignored him and kept skipping. He got to the fox's burrow and gave the door three knocks. The fox opened it and said, "Oh, hello there. Come on in for tea."

The two were hanging out for one hour and the fox was talking about why he moved and the rabbit was sipping on the tasty tea that he would keep finishing and asking for more. To the rabbit, the fox was a really nice guy. The rabbit finished his last cup of tea and said, "Well, I better be getting home right now." The fox asked oh so innocently, "Why go? You are already having so much fun." The rabbit said, "True, maybe just another ten minutes." The fox replied in an evil tone, "Perfect". The fox gave him another cup of tea. Soon the fox jumped out at the rabbit and said, "You fool, I was just faking it and I am going to have a oh so tasty meal tonight!"

The moral of the story is don't trust everyone and always listen to your friends talk and maybe it can save your life.