Be a fighter...

Don't pick up that lighter!

All the horrible effect of smoking!

By smoking, you are putting your body at risk for numerous diseases!

Over time you could receive:

1. Atherosclerosis- A disease that hardens the arteries that can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.

2. Emphysema- An illness of the lungs which causes air sacs to expand and lose their elasticity.

3. Bronchitis- swelling of the bronchi which can cause coughing and soreness.

4. Cancer- Often deadly disease that causes the body's cells to mutate and grow out of control.

and many more horrifying diseases that may end your life.

Smoking kills!

About 12 million deaths has occurred from the years 1964-2004, due to smoking cigarettes.
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Cigarettes are very addicting. Inside, a cigarette contains nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug found that increases blood pressure and your heart rate.
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Cigarettes have a ton of disgusting poisons!

Some poisons are:

1. Acetone- Removes nail polish

2. Ammonia- Household cleaner

3. Arsenic- Used in rat poisons and in bullets

4. Butane- Gas used in lighter fluid

5. Cadmium- Used in batteries

6. Cresol- used in making bombs

7. DDT- a banned insecticide

8. Formaldehyde- Used to preserve dead bodies

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Lung cancer looks gross!

In 2007, 158,683 people have died from lung cancer. Smoking is responsible of 85% of lung cancer.
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Stop wasting your money, your only killing yourself!

On average, In cigarettes alone, a smoker spends over 1,500 dollars a year. Each year the amount of money spent on cigarettes each year goes up by the thousands.
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Would you shove a road down your throat?!

Tar is the black sticky mixture on roads. After one year of smoking the average number of cigarettes, 20+, after one year, your lungs would be filled with 1.5 pounds of tar. After fifty years, your lungs would be filled with about 75 pounds of tar.
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