Mary Poppins

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Mary Poppins is the story of a British nanny who is sent to the banks family to take care of two troubled children. After going on a couple adventures with Mary Poppins, and her friend Bert, the children fall in love with Mary Poppins. The children go to there father, and tell him about all the things they did. Hearing this the father takes the children to the bank he works at, to make them more mature. When the trips to their fathers bank becomes a disaster Mary Poppins feels all her hard work start to unravel... After everything is fixed Mary Poppins leaves, to be with another family, and everything works out... THE END!!


5 facts

- when the show 1ST came out it was considered to scary for kids 7 and under

-many nannys at the start of the film where really men in drag

- the character Mr. Banks was based on P.L. Travers father

-Mary Poppins originally opened at the Bristol Hippodrome on 18th September 2004

-closed at the Prince Edward Theatre on 12th January 2008

songs, actors, awards

songs: spoonful of sugar and chim chim cher-ee are 2 songs from Mary Poppins

awards: chim chim cher-ee also won best orginal song

actors: Ashley brown (May Poppins), Gavin lee (Bert)

Mary Poppins - The Musical