I.Q. Independence Hall

by: Ilya Kozlov

I.Q. summary

Q also known as Quest has a mom but never saw his dad in a long time. Q's mom is a singer and married a singer whose name is Roger. Roger has a daughter named Angela. Their parents are always at a tour so Q and Angela always hang out on a car that is like a house.

They meet Boone (describes Boone below) that has a mission for them. They want to find out if Angela's mom Malak is dead or alive. People think that she died long ago during a bomb. Boone gives them secret devices and they try to find their mom.

On the other hand there is some bad guys. Eben and his crew. Eben always tries to stop them finding Malak. With lots of clues and team work They reach their mission

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Main scene from the book

One of the most important scene in the book is when Q (Quest) and Angela get to meet Boone. Boone is a NOC (not official cover) agent who wants to find out if Angela's mom still is alive. How they met was that Q got out of his car to stretch his legs. Boone popped up with his old dog. If they never met they would've never had a mission