The Amendments

Amendments 1 and 2

Amendment 1: The Personal Freedoms

Constitutional Wording

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is when any individual or group of individuals is allowed to say anything they want or act however they want. Although, there are some restrictions to this right. One may not act or speak about someone that will hurt them or cause damage to their reputation in a very negative way. The Founding Fathers put this in the Bill of Rights because King George would not let any individual talk about him or the government in a bad way. He would call this treason and the individual would get beheaded. In today's world, some people place "Obama is Terrible" bumper stickers on their car. These people are allowed to do this because of freedom of speech. In England, no man was allowed to express themselves like this. I believe that this is important because people would not be allowed to speak their minds if we didn't have this amendment. People are now allowed to say almost anything that they want to.

Many people who oppose President Barack Obama put up signs and stickers on their cars that say bad things about the president. These signs refer to him that he is a terrible president.
Freedom of Speech - HBO Documentary - Part 1 of 5
View the attached video to learn about Freedom of speech.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion is when any individual is allowed to practice the religion that they want to. One is allowed to create their own religion as long as it means that they won't harm anyone. In England, King George would not let anyone practice any other religion besides presbyterianism. The colonists wanted to be able to practice the religion that they wanted to. In America, there are many different religions being practiced at once. People practice judaism, christianity, islamism, and many more. They are allowed to practice these religions without any problems. Because of this, many people want to live in America. This is very important because people are allowed to do what they believe in, not what our president believes in.
In America, you may practice any religion that you wish. You may even make up a religion of your own.
Although you are allowed to practice whatever religion that you please, after something bad happens because of a religious belief, many people want to terminate that religion from being practiced.

Freedom of Press

Freedom of press is the freedom of communicating and expressing yourself through the power of media. Just like Freedom of speech, there are some restrictions to Freedom of Press. One may not be slanderous or libelous while they write. King George would not let anyone advertise that he was a bad king in newspapers or any other writing functions. He would call this treason, and the result was being beheaded. An ESPN editor, Anthony Frederico, posted an article with the headline "Chink in the Armor". This article was about a player of asian decent, whose name is Jeremy Lin. The term he used is a very racist slur to people of asian decent. He posted this after a bad game that Jeremy Lin had. His "Linsanity" did not work very well in that game. Anthony Frederico was allowed to write this article because of Freedom of press, even though he got fired the next day. I believe that he should have gotten fired because this is a terrible thing to call an asian. I believe that the punishments that were enforced are enough for Anthony Frederico.

Freedom to Assemble and Right to Petition

Freedom to Assemble is the right for any individuals to come together or meet to discuss, defend, and express their interests. They are not allowed to meet if they are going to do any harm to other individuals or group of individuals. Freedom to assemble is normally associated with the Right to petition. Right to petition gives the citizens of the United States the right for the people to make a complaint to the government without punishment. In the colonial period, King George would not let the people to meet to discuss their problems with the government. Also King George would not let anyone petition his ruling. In modern times, the Ku Klux Klan, which is a racial group who believes in white supremacy, is allowed to meet whenever they want and wherever they want to. Many politicians tried to stop them from meeting, but they were not allowed to because of Freedom to assemble. In my opinion, racist groups like the KKK should not be allowed to have Freedom to assemble. This should be restricted so that the KKK cannot meet. Also, many people are now petitioning to get the second amendment repealed. These people are making complaints to the government about this amendment.
Freedom of Assembly (UC Riverside)
Refer to the video to see what Freedom of Assembly looks like.

Amendment 2: The Right to Bear Arms

This is the constitutional wording of Amendment 2

The Right to Bear Arms

Amendment 2 states that everyone citizen of the United States of America is allowed to own a firearm. I do not support this amendment what-so-ever. I believe that this amendment should be appealed immediately. I feel like their is no reason to have this amendment, because this amendment causes many people to die or get injured from a gun. Many crazy people own guns, and they use them in the wrong way. The Founding Fathers made this amendment because when they ratified the constitution, they were just out of war. The Founding Fathers felt like people needed guns to protect themselves just incase another war was to happen. But when this amendment was made, there was only primitive guns. The guns now can cause much more harm than the guns from colonial times. Many people are trying to get this amendment appealed because of the reasons that I stated, but members of the NRA, and other gun-supporting people say that that will be against their rights.
Many people every year die because of guns. This is why i believe that the second amendment should be appealed.

This pictures shows that since the amendment was made, many different forms of firearms have been created. It shows that there is no limit to what kind of arms we can bear.