Desalination Diaster

New desalination plant comes with it's pros and it's cons.

The Pros.

Even though there are some criticisms about the new plant there are SOME pros. The benefits of the new plant are:

* it is reliable safeguard against drought in the future
* up to 4750 full-time equivalent jobs during construction

  • * 150 full-time equivalent jobs during operation
  • * $1 billion economic boost to Victoria during construction
  • * increased spending in local areas by the construction workforce.
  • Now to the real buisness.

    The cons.

    The desalination plant has a long list of cons including the facts that;

    * water prices are estimated to sky rocket
    * it takes an enormous amount of energy to keep running
    * it isn't even needed at this point in time
    * it has been extremely expensive for tax payers
    * once it is built, Victorians will pay at least $1.8 million a day even if no water is used
    * it's a year late.

    Why a decision like this would've been made:

    At the time Australia was in a persistant drought, it was expected to make lots of jobs and boost the victoriann economy, it was also not estimated to be as expensive as it was.