El Salvador

Dalton Fanger

Basic info

The name of the country i'm doing is El Salvador. the capital of the country is San Salvador
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physical geography

Area: 8,124 sq mi

Physical features: Mountain Range and Sierra Madre

Environment: Hogs Oak trees and Pine trees.

Natural Disasters: are Volcanoes and Hurricanes.

Natural Resources: Hydro power Petroleum.

Human Environmental reaction: Containment of soils from disposal of toxic wastes.

Human Geography

Language: Spanish

Religion: roman catholic

Food: beans bread corn and rice

Sports: soccer

holidays: fest of holy savior of the world


Population: 6,125,512
Type of government: Republic
GDP: 24.67 Billion
GDP Per Capita: 7,500
Imports: Fuels, petroleum, electricity
Exports: coffee, sugar, gold