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Vivir La Vida - Marc Antony. Rmx(salsa Rumba)((Dj.alvaroEras)) by Dj Alvaro Eras


The Sala originated from Cuba in the 1960s. Between the years of 1930 and 1960 many musicians from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America were coming to New York, New York to perform and they brought their own native rhythms and music with them. Many of the influences on the evolution of the Salsa where actually from musicians that would work together and listen to each other.

Characteristics of the music

Salsa music is very upbeat and has a rhythm of 1-2-3, 1-2. Many of the instruments are percussion (maracas, conga, bongo, tambourine). This type of genre of music is mostly geared towards the urban society because of its tempo.

The type of dress that most people would have would be formal usually in a dress or suit.

Type of music

The Salsa got its name from initially promoting it in New York during the 1970s. Salsa music is still most commonly listened and danced to in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico which are mostly the type of people associated with it. But is also commonly listened to in the United states, the most common place being New York.

Famous Artists

Connection to Dance

The Salsa genre of music is also a type of dance which is called Salsa. The dance can actually differ from country to country and from cities, but the most common characteristics are where a man leads and the woman follows and the beat has four beats or "quick, quick, slow".

Music Today

The music has changed over the years, but today the Salsa is more associated with Cuban and African styles. The projection for this type of music is that it is and will be getting more popular over the years to come.