Chinese Proverbs

By: B Waite

What are Chinese Proverbs?

Chinese Proverbs are symbols or phrases that were used to clarify or emphasise a situation, they contained philosophies. They were used to describe feelings like friendship, anger, tiredness, hunger, and love. They had proverbs on animals, wild and pet animals. For these reasons they were used to explain the meaning and mood. Many proverbs were used in stories, pictures and to describe places such as the forest or valley.

Who was associated with these Proverbs?

Confucious was associated with proverbs to teach children that there were other words to say instead of chinese. He also taught adults. He would teach proverbs on knowledge, smartness, kindness, and many more. He was like the master of proverbs!

Where were these Proverbs used?

These proverbs are used in many countries like China, Italy, Russia, India, Japan, and Turkey. Family members mentioned proverbs for household activities, business, and farming. Back in time they would warn sailors about sailing out to sea, for there was a storm. Here are some proverbs I thought that were interesting, “Smiles make one younger, worries make one elder”, “Talk doesn’t cook rice” and “Good words are like a string of pearls”.

When were these Proverbs created?

They were created about 4,000 years ago, during Chinese New Year. They founded that Chinese proverbs were used to honor china,the Chinese, and the Chinese New Year.